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Signore, Canavan Wedding

October 7, 2009

Signore_0358  E90003 9-26-358ret

September 26, 2009 was the wedding date of Jennifer and Derek at the beautiful Beckwith Pointe in New Rochelle. It was a sunny autumn day. We really enjoy working with them and they were very easy to work with.  We wish them a happy and prosperous life.

Signore_0097  E90003 9-26-97ret

Signore_0061  E90003 9-26-61ret

Signore_0113  E90003 9-26-113ret

Signore_0157  E90003 9-26-157ret

Signore_0186  E90003 9-26-186ret

Signore_0224  E90003 9-26-224ret

Signore_0214  E90003 9-26-214ret

Signore_0325  E90003 9-26-325ret

Signore_0386  E90003 9-26-386ret

Signore_0412  E90003 9-26-412ret

Signore_0455  E90003 9-26-455ret

Signore_0466  E90003 9-26-466ret

Signore_0614  E90003 9-26-614ret2

Signore_0713  E90003 9-26-713ret

Signore_0762  E90003 9-26-762ret

Signore_1463  E90003 9-26-1463ret

Signore_1508  E90003 9-26-1508ret